UtiliFIT™, the At-Your-Desk Fitness Program and ACAP Health team up to market UtiliFIT


FIX (Fitness Interactive Experience) and ACAP Health announce a marketing partnership to bring UtiliFIT to ACAP’s customers and beyond. UtiliFIT’s office friendly desk based fitness game will be incorporated into ACAP’s menu of healthy services and apps available through ACAP’s sales channels.

UtiliFIT will first be introduced to key ACAP accounts during a 6 month integration period before being available through ACAP’s general sales portal. UtiliFIT’s office based fitness program directly addresses the growing health issues caused by prolonged periods of sitting, which is a significant health risk many white collar employers are only beginning to wrap their heads around.

“UtiliFIT is a health engagement engine designed to fit into peoples’ daily schedules. Its design and behavioral engineering have it outperforming other programs in terms of overall engagement,” says Mike Tinney, CEO and Founder of FIX. “In partnering with ACAP as our first marketing partner we align ourselves with a best in class services firm that puts their customer first .”

“ACAP Health has three primary service initiatives: obesity and diabetes management, targeted nutritional supplementation, and office fitness,” adds Todd Whitthorne, President of ACAP Health. “UtiliFIT is a key ingredient of our approach to work based fitness programs. Prior to their market entry the most sophisticated programs available were walking trackers. Walking is just the beginning. UtiliFIT combines engaging activities with behavioral science. It’s the perfect combination to help build sustainable habits that produce measurable results.”

More information is available at http://www.SittingIsSmoking.com, and http://www.acaphealth.com

About FIX: Fitness Interactive Experience
Founded in 2012 by CEO Mike Tinney, FIX has developed an interactive social media platform designed to make the pursuit of fitness an engaging game. The company’s health activity game, UtiliFIT™ (http://www.utilifit.com), is focused on helping employees reduce sedentary behavior and live healthier, more active lives. UtiliFIT complements any existing Corporate Wellness program, creating a healthier workforce and lowering companies’ healthcare costs.

About ACAP Health Consulting
ACAP Health Consulting is a healthcare consulting firm aligning major healthcare stakeholders including employ­ers, insurers, medical providers, pharmaceutical companies and others with measurable solutions that lower the cost of healthcare benefits. ACAP Health’s ultimate goal is to transform health benefits to proactively connect patients with the medical providers and programs that give them the best chance of getting better — and to do so affordably. http://www.acaphealth.com