Lost Tides: The Voyage Home™ is a physical recovery app that helps people who are out of work due to injury recover more quickly and effectively so they can reclaim their lives.

In Lost Tides: The Voyage Home an injured worker takes the helm as the captain of his or her own ship to embark on an adventure home after their ship is blown across the world by a mysterious maelstrom.

The captain is not alone, however. He or she may invite up to 4 friends or family members to join the ship’s crew. Crew members use their real-world steps to provide the captain with Crew Points, which can be spent at exciting in-game encounters each day.

Disability recovery… reimagined.

Over 60% of all injured workers do not do the at-home physical therapy routines directed by their doctors of physical therapists. Lost Tides uses FIX Health’s proprietary Incremental Behavioral Change Engine to drive the real-world healthy behaviors that are essential to a speedy recovery, like being consistent with doctor-prescribed at-home recovery routines and daily mobility, resulting in shorter recovery times.

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A clear win-win ROI.

Whether it’s disability insurers incurring salary costs or workers comp insurers incurring salary and medical costs, every day that an injured worker is out of work costs insurers and employers money. Lost Tides: The Voyage home is designed to inspire injured workers to do their at-home recovery more consistently, getting them back to work sooner and reducing days paid.

The quicker an injured worker recovers, the better their quality of life.

The faster an injured worker gets back to work, the smaller the insurer’s cost.

The less days an injured worker misses work, the less lost productivity the employer faces.

Connecting injured workers to their support network.

Whether it be mental wellbeing, motivation, or social accountability, having a support network is a key factor in recovery. Lost Tides: The Voyage Home is designed to foster an ongoing connection between the injured worker and his or her support network.

In the game, the injured worker is the captain of the ship. His or her support network is the crew. The ship runs on Crew Points, which are generated by the real-world steps of the crew, so captain and crew must coordinate daily to ensure that the captain has the Crew Points he or she needs to navigate the ship through the ongoing story, obstacles and encounters.

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