The Outbreak is a team-based fitness challenge that tasks players with surviving in the harsh world of a zombie outbreak.

With integrations for the most popular fitness trackers, including Fitbit and Apple Watch, players sync their activity to The Outbreak, where they use their real-world steps and exercise to move across levels, battle zombies, and recover health after zombie encounters.

Losing too much health can result in players being turned into zombies, who must then choose: work to recover their health to re-join their former human team, or spend steps to make the zombie horde faster and wipe out humanity.

The Outbreak has 2 modes of play:

Virtual Races

Go on a distance-based Virtual Race adventure, using you steps and exercise to move across the gameboard and do battle with obstacles in your path. The quicker you hit the race’s target distance, the better your in-game loot and the more points you earn for the seasonal leaderboards.

Virtual Walking Challenges

A favorite for companies looking to boost the activity of their employees, The Outbreak puts a unique game-based spin on virtual walking challenges, which last from 2-6 weeks and see players go from safehouse to safehouse with their team of fellow survivors.

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Available for iOS and Android devices