Service Foods, Inc. hires UtiliFIT, vows to beat 2nd place finish in Healthiest Employer Award

Atlanta-based Service Foods, Inc. is tired of coming in second place in the Atlanta’s Healthiest Employers awards, as managed by Healthiest Employers LLC. Service Foods routinely offers lunch and learns, employs an in-house dietician, and offers employees and their families free health assessments and customized diet and exercise plans. Service Foods CEO Dr. Keith Kantor wanted to take it to the next level for 2014.

Starting in April, Service Foods is now running its health and wellness program through the UtiliFIT platform. UtiliFIT is an at-your-desk fitness program that disrupts long periods of sedentary inactivity with a fun, socially-connected office fitness game. The UtiliFIT portal includes diet, exercise and pedometer tracking, along with weekly health risk assessments based on employee-tracked behavior.

“We’ve entered the Healthiest Employers competition 4 years in a row and consistently come in second place” said Dr. Kantor. “UtiliFIT is a great service that focuses on incremental behavior change in a fresh, fun way. As a doctor and a nutrition expert, I’m eager to put this program to work for the benefit of my staff, and of course, it’d be nice to take first place next year.”

“We’re different,” adds Mike Tinney, creator of UtiliFIT. “Our company has its origins in games and social connectivity, along with health and HR. We focus, first and foremost, on the habits that create behavior change and we do it in a way that’s fresh, fun and very digestible. A win for Service Foods next year would be a win for us as well.”

UtiliFIT has assigned its lead health coach, former Olympic trainer, Ben Smith, to Service Foods.
You can learn more about UtiliFIT at

About Service Foods, Inc.
Service Foods offers a full line of all-natural foods free from growth hormones, preservatives, steroids, antibiotics and colorings. The company provides free delivery directly to customers’ homes. In addition, dietitians, nurses, doctors, dentists and fitness experts are on staff to counsel clients in leading a healthier lifestyle. Service Foods has been in business since 1981 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia, with warehouses in several states. – See more at:

About FIX: Fitness Interactive eXperience
Founded in 2012 by CEO Mike Tinney, FIX has developed an interactive social media platform designed to make the pursuit of fitness an engaging game. The company’s health activity game, UtiliFIT™ (, is focused on helping employees reduce sedentary behavior and live healthier, more active lives. UtiliFIT can stand alone or complement any existing Corporate Wellness program, creating a healthier workforce and lowering companies’ healthcare costs.

About Dr. Keith Kantor
Dr. Kantor has been an advocate of natural food and healthy living for 28 years. In 1994 he was appointed CEO of Service Foods, Inc., the largest all natural food company of its kind in the United States. He is the author of the highly recognized and praised book What Matters: Leadership Values That Just Might Save America, as well as the award-winning new children’s book The Green Box League of Nutritious Justice. Dr. Kantor, one of the foremost recognized Doctors on health and nutrition, has been an advocate of the UtiliFIT program for over a year now and at the age of 59 still does up to 255 pushups every day. Dr. Kantor’s next public appearance will be on April 28th when he rings the closing bell for NASDAQ.