Ryan Rodd

Ryan Rodd
A career geek, Ryan brings nearly 2 decades of development and technology expertise to FIX, with a heavy background in data architecture and user experience.

Ryan started along his technology career path doing web development at the ripe age of 15. By the time he was studying engineering and computer science at Georgia Tech, he had developed, managed and implemented web-based applications for enterprise clients including NBC Universal, the US Military/3rd Army, and the NFL Network along with small and medium businesses in the media, medical, construction, banking, aviation and academic fields. His expertise lies in a long list of programming languages and systems, with a special affinity for the LAMP stack.

More recently, Ryan lead the technology efforts as CTO of entrepreneurial upstart ImagineAir while also moonlighting as a lecturer and software development instructor at The Creative Circus in Atlanta.

In his limited spare time, Ryan works on a list of adrenaline pumping skills including skydiving, flying planes, caving, rappelling, scuba diving, rock climbing and snowboarding as well as the playing of the piano and tasting of as many dark rums (and Belgian beers) as possible, although he emphasizes not all at the same time. Ryan’s schnauzer Tucker is around most of the day, but despite being a constant presence has failed to learn programming despite Ryan’s best attempts.