Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Simple Shortform

To see the full and legally binding Terms of Service CLICK HERE

To see the full and legally binding Privacy Policy CLICK HERE

Terms of Service: 

You need to behave in the app chat and be polite.

You can’t post copyrighted materials in our app (stuff that belongs to other people).

We use data from other devices (FitBit, Apple Health, etc.). Problems with those devices don’t result in a refund from us. But we are good at helping you with those problems.

In the event that you can’t complete the Mission for any reason, we will give you a coupon so you can try again at a later date. We will not refund under these circumstances. 

This app is approved for users 13 years and older.

We want you to have fun and if you have any problems or questions email us at support@fix-health.com

Privacy Policy:

We take your privacy seriously. 

We are GDPR and CCPA friendly. 

We do not collect HIPPA (your private health) information.

We collect:

  1. The name you give us.
  2. The email you give us.
  3. The Steps and Exercise minutes you allow us to read from your tracking software. 
  4. Your address, if you order a physical item from our store.

We do not sell your data or information. We barely have any of it to begin with.

We use tracking cookies just like everyone else.

You can opt out of these.

We DO NOT OWN your step data. That is owned by whatever device you have that’s already tracked it (i.e.: Fitbit, Google, Apple, Garmin, etc). You only give them permission to share that data with us.

Upon written request from you to support@fix-health.com, we will delete your information and Mission history from our servers. Otherwise we’ll save it in case you want to do another Mission later and keep your character progress.