Job Description

Do you have a passion for games, fitness, or both? Come be a programmer at FIX Health, a unique startup that tackles the tough job of building healthy habits through game design.

We’re looking for applicants that want to make a big impact on a small team: the code you write will quickly be in the hands of thousands of users. You’ll be collaborating with a close-knit team of various skill sets to make a real change in the world.

Our stack is built on modern technologies, so prepare to get hands-on experience with the latest industry standards. As a full-stack developer you’ll be contributing to a mix of back-end server infrastructure, customer-facing front-ends, and internal tools.


Location Requirements

During the coronavirus pandemic FIX is an all-virtual company, meaning you will be working from home for the foreseeable future. Applicants from anywhere in the world are welcome to apply, but applicants residing in Georgia, USA will be given first consideration as that is where the majority of the team is located.





Familiarity and ideally hands-on experience with these technologies is preferred:

  • NodeJS (required)
  • Unity3D Game Engine
  • AWS Infrastructure Services

Programming Languages

Applicants should have several years of experience with at least one of the following languages:

  • Typescript / Modern Javascript
  • C#

Soft Skills

Being a good coder isn’t everything: you’ll also need these skills to excel at FIX:

  • Clear and prompt communication
  • Consistent and thorough organizational practices
  • Collaborative mindset
  • Ability to receive and learn from feedback


How to Apply

First, get familiar with our company and products (you can stalk us online at

When you’re ready, email a PDF resume to with a brief statement describing why you’re interested in working with us and your relationship to games and fitness. If you have one, be sure to link to your portfolio of completed projects with your contributions.

If you’re selected as a candidate, we’ll schedule a time to conduct a short virtual interview. Otherwise we’ll reach out to let you know that you aren’t a good fit for the position.

*We are not accepting proposals from outsourcing companies at this time.