UtiliFIT Corporate Beta Test

Corporate Beta Partnership

FIX is looking for a small number of companies to participate in its corporate wellness beta test for UtiliFIT™, a corporate wellness game currently in development at FIX. The UtiliFIT™ beta will be a test version of a product in development. As such, the game experience will likely undergo tweaks and changes during the test period. As thanks for your participation in helping us craft the best product possible, your company will receive a 50% discount on the game services for participating in the corporate beta test. Ideal companies are innovative, comfortable with technology and interested in their employees’ physical and mental wellness.

Service: FIX’s corporate wellness UtiliFIT™ game

Availability: Limited to 5 companies

Duration: 90 days

Commitment: Company will enroll all employees in game.

Cost: 50% reduction during the 3 month beta.

Set up fee: Waived.

Conditions/Options: Company will be able to choose between team competitive, team cooperative, individual competitive, individual cooperative play. Company can alter play style once every 30 days.

Rewards: UtiliFIT™ comes with a point scoring system that can be used to determine reward eligibility for employees playing the wellness game, but the actual rewards for participation must be provided by company. UtiliFIT™’s fee structure does not include reward benefits for participants, but FIX will work with corporate test partner to plan/organize employee rewards.

If you’d like more information on becoming a corporate beta test partner please contact us at info@fix-fit.com