Why Daily Movement Is Key

Current research indicates that remaining sedentary throughout the day for 3+ hours at a time can have drastic implications for your long-term health and life expectancy.  With a majority of the economy being dependent upon sedentary service jobs this obviously poses serious ramifications for employers.  Absenteeism, worker satisfaction and insurance premiums can all be tied back to the overall fitness of a company’s employees.

Fitness Interactive Experience created UtiliFIT to not only provide a sedentary disruption but also to promote healthy behavioral changes.

For more information on the impacts of prolonged episodes of inactivity, please see the articles below:

Sitting is the New Smoking, Even for Runners - Runners World

A growing body of research indicates that even active individuals (60 minutes or more per day) still suffer from increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and depression if they are sedentary for a majority of the day.
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How much better is standing up than sitting? - BBC News Magazine

A great article on the impacts of sitting 8-12 hours per day (which most people do) and how a little activity throughout the day can have a tremendous impact on your long-term health.
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Could simple things like stretching, smiling, and sitting up actually make you work better? - Fast Company

A very informative write up on the power of posture and the impact of relaxation techniques such as meditation and daily stretching.  Two activities that are an integral part of UtiliFIT!
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Sitting, Lack of Exercise Linked With Symptoms Of Depression In New Study - Huffington Post

A new study finds a connection between sitting time and mental health. The longer a person sits the more apt they are to have symptoms of depression and anxiety.
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Employers May Pay Workers for Good Health - HispanicBusiness.com

A growing number of companies are creating financial incentives for workers who show positive biometric results. Akin to car insurance, the new systems distribute awards based upon overall fitness.
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Insurers Increasingly Turning to Video Games to Improve Consumer Engagement, Results - Dallas/Fort Worth Healthcare Daily

Many healthcare companies are beginning to recognize the value of utilizing games to improve customer engagement and the bottom line. Games will have a tremendous impact on the availability, cost and effectiveness of both remedial and preventative healthcare.
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Don’t just sit there. Really. - Los Angeles Times

Humans have not evolved to sit for prolonged periods of time. The article further discusses the detrimental impacts of spending a majority of our waking hours sitting still.
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