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We’ve all heard it a million times by now… “Sitting is the new smoking.” Study after study shows that sitting for extended periods of time is detrimental to the human body, contributing to a host of serious diseases including heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It’s a problem that’s only becoming more of an issue as more and more jobs move to the desk and computer. But if your job requires that you be seated in front of a computer every day, how do you address the natural tendency to sit for hours at a time? Enter UtiliFIT™…

What is UtiliFIT™?

UtiliFITUtiliFIT™ is an office fitness game that disrupts sedentary behavior by sending micro-physical challenges to Players to get them active and moving throughout the day. Developed by a team that includes video game designers, Olympic trainers, and one of the nation’s foremost experts in preventative health, UtiliFIT™ forges new territory by combining the best in preventative health research with bleeding edge software technology and game psychology.

UtiliFIT™ uses the principles of video game design that make video games the most addictive and compelling form of entertainment and applies them to fitness, creating a healthy, social experience that reinforces healthy activity and supports long-term healthy behavioral change.

Players receive points for completing healthy activities, which can then be converted into currency for rewards programs. Individuals and teams compete for top honors on the leaderboards, creating a social community that encourages both cooperative and competitive play. With support from leadership, UtiliFIT™ can provide a unique, healthy, fun corporate culture for your company. If UtiliFIT™ sounds different from other corporate wellness products, that’s because it is.

How does UtiliFIT™ work?

UtiliFIT Corporate WellnessUtiliFIT™ is an HTML5 App that runs in any web browser on your PC, tablet or smartphone. Using the patent-pending FIX Engine™, players receive physical challenges throughout the day. UtiliFIT™ challenges are designed to get Players active in small bursts that get the heart rate up and the major muscle groups active and firing without breaking a sweat or disrupting the workday. UtiliFIT™ is, at its core, a game. Players can compete against friends for points with an RPG inspired leveling system.

As players get fitter, the game intelligently levels up the challenge, making UtiliFIT™ just as effective for beginners as it is for weekend warriors. And because of the smart scoring system, players of all levels can remain equally competitive with one-another. UtiliFIT™ features over 200 activities that range in intensity from beginner to advanced and everything in between.

Supporting the core UtiliFIT™ game are UtiliFIT Rewards™ and UtiliFIT Tracking™, which allow users flexibility to interact with the UtiliFIT™ system by reporting their activities, and converting their in-game points into real-world rewards. UtiliFIT™ has a built in raffle system that converts points to raffle tickets, or UtiliFIT™ can integrate with your company’s existing rewards program.


The FIX Engine™

FIX EngineThe FIX Engine™ is a patent-pending computer system that outputs challenges to users, records that users have completed the challenges, and awards points based upon how quickly individual users report completing each challenge.

Challenges can include any activity of any kind and can be delivered to users via web, email or phone, or be completed on-demand by users via an activity tracker. Points can be accumulated individually, by team, or by company, and can apply to an in-game raffle system.

Customize any of the following

Activity Type(s), Number of Activities, Duration, Points, Game vs. Tracking, Rep Modifier (fitness challenges), Raffle Value, Daily Reminders

The UtiliFIT™ Challenge

The UtiliFIT™ Challenge is a quarterly event that attaches a specific goal or theme to the UtiliFIT™ experience (eat healthier through the holidays, lose weight in the spring etc.), helping to raise engagement and creating a great venue for team competitions. Play within your company and see how you fare against other companies participating in the challenge.

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